How this works: The first step is registering with us. The easiest way to get the process started is to fill out our online application, or just email us a copy of your resume (Microsoft Word document is preferred) resume to:  staffing@perryresources.com. Upon receipt, if we have opportunities in line with your background, we will then call you to set up an appointment to come into our offices and register.  If you do not have an updated resume and need some help, no problem, just click to download our resume template, which will give you some ideas on how to create your own resume

How to Prepare:

  • Recommendations: When you make an appointment to register with us, please expect to spend at least an hour filling out our application and paperwork. To speed things up, we recommend that you visit our website and complete our online application at least 24 hours in advance. Remember, this is a job interview; we will be evaluating you to help place you at our client companies. We suggest that you wear clothing that is appropriate for the role you are seeking. Review the directions to our office the night before and plan to leave early, this will prevent stress and will ensure your on-time arrival.
  • Appointment Etiquette: When you make an appointment with us, we set time aside for you. Please do your best to arrive at the appropriate time (or 5-10 minutes early). If you will be late, or need to reschedule, please call us at (856)596-9400.

What to Bring:

  • Your Resume: Please bring a printed copy of your resume. If you do not have access to a printer, please let us know and we will print a copy for you.
  • 2 Forms of Identification: Federal and state regulations require that we verify the identity of our employees.
  • 3 References: Please bring the name and contact information of at least 3 personal and/or business (preferred) references with you.
  • A Voided Check: If you would like to sign up for direct deposit. If not, we can always set you up with a pay card.
  • A Great Attitude: Being flexible and having great attitude goes a long way!

What to Expect:

  • Application: If you haven’t already filled ot our online application, you will need to fill out our paper application. If you have already completed it, just let the receptionist know and you will just have to sign your application and complete a few other forms.
  • Testing: In order to help you, we must understand your background and skills. We require all candidates to complete a short basis skills test. We also use the Kenexa online testing system. If you have recently tested with another agency and have your scores, please print them and bring them with you to help speed up the process.
  • Interview: When coming in to register, please keep in mind that you will be interviewing with one of our team who will be evaluating your skills against our current client openings. You will want to make a good first impression. Be candid with us regarding your interests and goals so that we can find the best fit for you and our client companies. Please keep in mind that, in addition to an interview with our recruitment team members, you may also be required to interview directly with our client before placement.

Once you are registered: If we have an immediate assignment, you will be given detailed instructions for your position. If we do not have an immediate opening, don’t worry! If we have a suitable opening, we will contact you.  If you check in with us regularly, you will be our top priority as we consider candidates for positions with our clients.